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A little Bit More About

Jenny Renee

I am a true romantic at heart. I see love in everything, the bond between a mother and child, the newness a couple has when starting their journey together, even the occasional looks between siblings when they understand each other.
I love photographing people, places and things. I have a divine passion for seeing emotion and drawing inspiration from everything around me. I was born and raised in South Florida where I lived on the same street in the same house for most of my life. In fact, my grandparents still live there. I moved to North Carolina where we now live with my husband and our 3 children.
I love the movies, and a good book as well. I have dreamed of going to Paris since I was about 10 (HINT: If you need a destination wedding photographer!! AHEM!!! 😉 I absolutely adore Pandas. They are the cutest things ever! I act younger than I am. Outdoors just not too deep in the woods. I make up words frequently, and talk a lot when I’m nervous.

I would love to get to know your story in your words. Lets grab some coffee, my treat! Click on the contact link so that we can set up your free consultation.