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  • JennyjRenee
  • Hi! Im Jenny and Welcome! I love a good read and a warm cup of coffee on my patio in the morning! A mother to three amazing children, and a lover of all music, movies, books and DIY projects, I feel truly blessed to have the chance to do what I love. Tell me a story about your family, your love, you. Tell me YOUR story!
  • Easter at the Ruffino Household

    Just a little share from the personal side. Easter is as usual. Daddy has to work so its just me and the kiddos. But that is ok by me. I hope you had a great day with celebration and family as we did!

    Learning, Atlanta and Sam Hurd!

    What can I say. I finally got the chance to not only meet the famous Sam Hurd of Sam Hurd Photography in Washington D.C., but I actually got to pick his brain at his Atlanta workshop this past week! What an amazing

    New Site!

    I am so excited for so many things that seem to just be falling into place lately! First my newest site and logo! I just love, love, LOVE it! I couldn’t be happier!! I have some amazing new announcements coming

    My Click Away Experience!

    My experience with the Click Away Conference, hosted by Clickin Moms, was both scary (in a good way) and exciting! I don’t get to get out much with the two little ones at home, and my time with them is important.